The Teatro dei Venti company was set up in 2005 in Modena. Its activities are spread over four different areas, which are correlated: the production of theatrical performances, social-cultural projects, as well as training and organising festivals and events. Its artistic research work has concentrated particularly on Theatre in urban settings, through the use of stilts and high-impact mobile sceneries. It has toured Italy and abroad with its performances, in France, Switzerland, England, Germany, Spain, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania, Montenegro, Taiwan, India, Argentina.
A member of the Coordinamento Teatro Carcere Emilia-Romagna (Emilia-Romagna Prison Theatre Coordination), since 2006 it holds permanent workshops by the correctional facilities of Castelfranco Emilia and Modena.
Again as part of its social activities, it promotes projects for International Co-operation (Mozambique, Serbia, Senegal) and for Mental Health in partnership with the Mental Health Department of the Modena Ausl (local health authority). It has organised
Trasparenze > Festival e Residenze Teatrali (Transparencies > Festivals
and Theatrical Residences) for the promotion of the contemporary theatrical scene since 2012. From 2015 to 2017 it pursued the “Urban Theatre Experience” project with the support of “Funder 35” – a fund for youth cultural undertakings. It has held a workshop since 2017 with a group of asylum-seekers, with which it won the MigrArti call in 2018.

Moby Dick is the latest show in the company’s time line, summing up the work developed by the company from the onset: the utopia of theatre in urban settings and in contact with
The Teatro dei Venti with the show Moby Dick won the UBU PRIZE 2019 for the best stage set-up, the Rete Critica Award 2019 for the Best planning / organization and the Last Seen 2019 show of the year for the magazine Krapp’s Last Post.

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